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edina1This is Edina, founder of Home of Grace. She is a woman of vision and compassion with a heart for the people of her community. Edina lives in semi-rural Kenya. Not so long ago she was living on the streets. Once she had a place to live, she opened her home to orphans. Since then, it has grown into a registered orphanage, home to over 50 orphans and abused or abandoned children. Home of Grace Care Centre is well-respected by the local Children’s Department and community leaders alike.

Edina is no longer at Home of Grace, but we continue to embrace her vision — to build up a new generation of responsible citizens and members of the community. They do not offer any of their children for adoption. Instead, staff encourage the development of next-of-kin connections where possible. Edina continues to be our inspiration.

African Solutions for Africans
We do not presume to offer our North American solutions to “fix” African challenges. Instead, we offer hope, prayer, encouragement and guidance—for local people to develop African solutions for Africans.

Life is not easy for the children. Money is scarce and there are so many needs, all of them the most basic: food, access to clean water, shelter, clothing, school fees, medical costs — things we take for granted in North America. Yet we are in a position to help. By giving financially, by offering prayer and encouragement and by learning about the complex issues facing Africa, we can all be part of a solution with global impact that is culturally relevant and therefore sustainable.

Home of Grace Care Centre offers the following:

  • Residential care: Orphans and vulnerable children are housed and given food, basic medical care and education. Whenever possible, they maintain contact with their extended families to ease future re-integration into the community.
  • Community Outreach: Families of identified children receive at-home support, including education bursaries and occasional financial support to supplement food budgets.
  • Feeding program: Children referred from the local public school are fed a lunch to improve learning.
  • Alumni support: Staff maintain contact with children who have left the Centre at the mandated age of 18. They are offered continuing support whenever possible, to help them achieve independence. This could include employment assistance, encouragement, or post-secondary bursaries.

Home of Grace Care Centre and Speroway
Speroway-Logo-Green-2014In February 2013, Home of Grace Care Centre became a project of Speroway, a charity based in Burlington, Ontario. Speroway’s objectives are to deliver hope through food security, education and medical care. With the addition of Home of Grace Care Centre, Speroway is able to extend its ability to offer hope for children in Kenya. Contributions to Home of Grace through Speroway are eligible for a receipt for Canadian income tax purposes. Speroway offers leadership and guidance and help build good business practices within the orphanage, while giving oversight to service delivery.

Home of Grace Care Centre Inc. is a nonprofit corporation registered in the province of Ontario, Canada. It is run by a small volunteer board—with no paid staff—and operates as a fundraising and advocacy organization for Home of Grace (in Kenya) on behalf of Speroway. Donations to Speroway, a registered charity in Canada, are eligible for tax receipts. (Please designate ‘Home of Grace Care Centre’ when making your gift.)

This website is maintained by Home of Grace Care Centre Inc.

Watch this 12 minute video update from Cathy Fairley, Chair of Home of Grace Care Centre Inc., while she was at Home of Grace in Kenya from April to August, 2012.

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Home of Grace Care Centre is proud to be a project of Speroway. Your donations to Home of Grace Care Centre through Speroway are eligible for a Canadian charitable tax receipt.

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