How it began

Home of Grace came to the attention of a Burlington, Ontario woman, Diane Miller, in 2006. Over the next few months, Diane and her friend Cathy Fairley continued to stay in touch with the director, Edina, via e-mail.

Cathy meets Edina

Cathy meets Edina, the founder, in 2009

In the summer of 2009, Cathy had a chance to travel to Kenya. It only made sense to add a side trip to Kisii, in the western part of the country, to meet her new friend and see the work being done.

When the time came for Cathy to leave, she had already decided more had to be done to help this community. As soon as she returned home, Cathy, with support from Diane, began to fundraise and advocate for Home of Grace.

Quickly the desire to formalize their arrangement grew. Home of Grace Care Centre Inc., established in Canada by Fairley, Miller and a few like-minded friends to become the principle advocacy and fundraising body for Home of Grace in Kenya.

In early 2013, Home of Grace Care Centre became a project of Speroway, a Canadian charity based in Burlington, Ontario. Under the direction of Speroway, better accountability is being developed, for improved service delivery. Their focus is bringing hope to the world through food, education and healthcare in areas of the world struggling with extreme poverty.

Benter and Irene

Benter and Irene

In 2014, Home of Grace moved to the outlying rural area of Kiogoro, in order to provide more space for the children. The Centre is currently run by the management team of Benter, the House Mother, and Irene, the Social Worker, with the assistance of the house father and kitchen and cleaning staff. It now offers residential care for orphans and vulnerable children, including food, shelter, education and medical care; as well as a community feeding program for children, educational scholarships, and food support for families in the community.

Today, Home of Grace is quickly becoming an anchor in Kiogoro, as it continues to reach out to the local community.

Home of Grace Care Centre Inc. continues to be the principle advocacy and fundraising body for Home of Grace in Kenya, working with and on behalf of Speroway.

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