How it began

Edina, the founder of Home of Grace, and her story came to the attention of a Burlington, Ontario woman, Diane Miller, in 2006. During the 2007 post-election violence in Kenya, Edina was in danger and forced to flee. Diane asked friends to pray for Edina and perhaps send messages of encouragement. One particular friend, Cathy Fairley, did just that. Over the next few months, Cathy and Diane continued to stay in touch with Edina via e-mail.

Cathy Meets Edina at Home of Grace

Cathy Fairley Meets Edina

In the summer of 2009, Cathy had a chance to travel to Kenya. It only made sense to add a side trip to meet her new friend. When they met, the connection was immediate and the friendship cemented. They were ‘kindred spirits’. Cathy’s visit turned into a 10-day stay, living with Edina, getting to know her and the children. Cathy helped out in whatever way she could: learning about their life, serving meals, buying clothes, school supplies and bedding for them, and talking over Edina’s plans for the future.

When the time came for Cathy to leave, she had already decided more had to be done to help Edina and her community. As soon as she returned home, Cathy, with support from Diane, began to fund raise and advocate for Edina and her children. Initially, their support operated under the name Friends of Edina.

Quickly the desire to formalize their arrangement grew. A few friends who had the same vision came together with Cathy and Diane to begin the process. The name Home of Grace Care Centre, used by Edina herself, was chosen for the name of the Canadian nonprofit corporation that they established.

In early 2013, Home of Grace Care Centre (in Kenya) became a project of Speroway, a Canadian charity based in Burlington, Ontario. This allows for charitable tax receipts to be issued to Canadian donors. Home of Grace Care Centre Inc. (in Canada) continues to be the principle advocacy and fundraising body.

Management team at Home of Grace

The Home of Grace Management Team in 2015: Irene, Maxwell and Benter

By August 2015, Edina had decided that she was ready to explore new opportunities and resigned from Home of Grace. The orphanage is now run by the management team of  Maxwell, the Manager, Benter, the House Mother and Irene, the Social Worker. Edina continues to offer guidance as Founder. It is a testament to Edina’s dedication and vision that Home of Grace continues to flourish as a refuge for vulnerable children in western Kenya.

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