Bundle up!


We help our children stay safe and healthy by ensuring they are warm and dry in cold, wet weather.

This year give a gift of warm clothes to a child at Home of Grace.

Yes, it gets cold in Kenya, even though it lies on the equator! This region is high in the hills, so when it rains—and it rains a lot—even winter-hardened Canadians will want to grab a sweater or jacket.

But many of the children at Home of Grace still need basic clothing such as a sweater, a rain coat and shoes. They need to stay warm and dry, especially at school and while they are studying. It’s hard to concentrate when you are cold! Wet weather also makes a child susceptible to many illnesses that can be easily avoid when properly clothed.

You can give the gift of warm clothes for a child at Home of Grace with a tax receiptable contribution to Speroway for Home of Grace of $50.


Download a printable gift card to put under the tree

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2 comments on “Bundle up!
  1. kelly caruana says:

    Can knitted hats and sweaters be donated? I am a knitter and have a lot of will to use up.

    • Home of Grace says:

      Thank you for your desire to help. We do appreciate it. Our focus at this point is to collect funds so they can purchase the goods locally and get exactly what they need. Our experience is that shipping goods is very expensive and not an effective use of our funds. As well, goods are also subject to potential theft in transit. I bet a local shelter would love to receive your knitted items.