We reported that last week Edina was involved in a traffic accident. We have more details and the information is less muddled. She was travelling on a motor bike to a funeral and was hit by a transport truck.  Edina was seriously injured – lost three teeth, had facial injuries, damage to her arm and, of most concern, severe injuries to her leg.  Because of money raised just a few days earlier at a presentation we were able to send money to allow her to receive preliminary treatment at a private hospital.  (The public hospital simply gave her pain killers and sent her home).  In addition to a fracture, it seems that the cut to her leg was very deep and has affected a vein.  She must travel to Nairobi very soon for surgery: skin grafting and further repair surgery. There will also be followup treatment while she is there.

This will require a large amount of money for Edina – money that she simply does not have.  As it is, Edina and the children literally live day to day, budgeting all donations from us carefully in order to have enough for food.  So this extra need is a tragedy for her.  She is very worried and has struggled with the decision of how to proceed.  But it is clear that without the surgery she will likely lose the use of her leg.

We are asking that you carefully consider contributing towards Edina’s medical costs. The surgery itself will cost 75,000 KES (approx CA$1077.91)  She will require additional funds for travel to and from Nairobi, 5 days of post-surgery care at the clinic and accommodation while she is there for herself and a travelling companion since she is unable to walk alone.  As well, money will need to be left in Kisii to care for the children during her absence.  We feel that we will need to send a minimum of CA$1750.  Can you help? We are confident that together we can easily come up with this amount.

You may use the pay-pal link on the website.  For more options on how to get funds to Edina, contact Cathy Fairley.  Surgery is scheduled for Wednesday, so the need for funds is urgent.