Hallo my friends, Greetings from Home of Grace Family, hoping and trusting that everyone is fine.

Thank you very much for your prayers and support. God has been so faithful to us since the beginning of this year. The schools are closed for April holidays and the children are at home. They will be going back to school in May. They are truly enjoying their holidays. Their report cards show they performed very well. Some had above the pass marks and others were average. I was very happy with their results. Thank you my friends for contributing to their school fees.

We had an Easter celebration that everyone enjoyed. We went to church as usual, at church the sermon was all about Easter. Our pastor explained to the children about Easter and told them why Easter is being celebrated. Maxwell my helper had candies, biscuits and juice for the kids. Everyone enjoyed having the treats at last for a change.

I thank you people for praying for me while I was in the hospital. The surgery was successful and now I am recovering. AMEN

Lastly I want to thank you all for your commitment. With your help I am having everything run smoothly at the Home. God bless you ALL.