The organizers of the 2014 Like a Mother’s Love wish to thank everyone involved in the success of our most important fundraising event. It was a lot of fun, with a great buzz in the air.

First, thank you to the musicians: The Tea Room Orchestra, Jordan Fox, and Darin Martin and the Otic Poets. Fabulous music so generously donated.

Over 70 goods and services were put up for auction, all donated. The list of donors is too long to put here, but you know who you are. Thanks!

To the many logistical volunteers, bakers and sellers: thank you all!



This letter from Edina, the director of Home of Grace Care Centre in Kisii, Kenya is the reason why we all came together to put on this event. We recently received this message of gratitute from her, which was read at the event.

To the board members,sponsors,donors,and entire family of Home of Grace:

I take this opportunity to thank you all for the prayers, support and encouragement you have given me and the children. I could not manage without you people. You have brought a big smile to my face and to everyone at Home of Grace in Kisii. I will forever appreciate your efforts so much and I urge you to continue working together with us.

After so many challenges I have gone through—for example no play ground for the children, the demolition of some of the buildings at the orphanage which is still going on and many more—having our own land and spacious place was indeed my prayer. It has been in my future plan for many years. Tears of joy broke on my face when I heard the news from you in Canada that it was the right time for us to have our own permanent place and that you would help us! I could never believe it, I started imagining  how our own place could really be. To me it is a dream come true!

Lastly, thanks also to the audience, who came, bid and donated. Without you, there would be no Hope for the future.