Hello my friends!
We are all doing fine. We started the year well and thank you very much for every contribution and donations you made during December. I am thankful I was able to buy a few mattresses, blankets, mosquito nets, some seedlings for the garden and toys for the kids. Not forgetting the goat we slaughtered during Christmas.
Home of Grace has a vision of empowering itself and to be self sufficient. To achieve this we have started a poultry farming Project. We still have lots of projects in mind. We are aiming to have a dairy cow. With this, the children can get milk and the rest we could sell to the community to cover our other expenses. Other projects we have in mind for the future are perhaps fish farming, bee keeping, having a health facility, or a nursery school for the kids – all ways for us to serve in the community.
During Christmas, you sent us money to help some of the poorest families in our community. The population of poor families is very high. I was able to give out the small gifts to a few needy families. During weekends we serve the community children a lunch time meal as a way of showing them love and that we are together.
Our Pastor has really helped me a lot in strengthening the children. He always comes during the weekends to share a word of God with the children, to counsel them and encourage them. We all enjoy his sermons in the church. Can I say I have Radical Kids, because they are very active in Sunday school. They lead the other children in songs, memory verses and even reading a verse from the bible.
The population of orphans keeps on increasing daily and our community is very affected. Food and shelter is the big problem. Please keep them in your daily prayers.
Lastly keep the team of adults who work here with me in your prayers.