What’s the perfect gift to embrace the true meaning on Christmas? Hope. That’s why we have the perfect gift for you to give your loved ones.

Home of Grace offers hope to orphans and widows in rural Kenya by providing children, the sick and the weak, with hope for a meal today, hope for a roof over their heads and hope for a brighter future through education.

Join others who are giving to Home of Grace this Christmas

Please consider giving a gift in the name of a loved one, friend or colleague. We wanted to share these recent messages from supporters of Home of Grace Care Centre:

Melinda told us:

We have decided not to do Christmas cards this year and use that money to help Home of Grace Care Center. Our young sons chose to buy a school uniform and supplies for a student living at Home of Grace Care Center in Kenya. They hope this helps someone have as much fun at school as they have.

Lois also wrote:

The work that Edina does is so inspiring to me. For Christmas, I’m taking the opportunity to tell some of my family about her. By giving a donation to Edina in their names, then providing them with a little write up about Edina and the children, I think others will be inspired too. And they will have received an extra special Christmas gift.

Click on the Donate button you see on the right to make a donation. Your donation will go a long way in helping Edina and the amazing work she is doing. You can also send a cheque to Home of Grace Care Centre, 349 Bryant Cres., Burlington, ON L7L 3Z4.

Gift cards are available.

Please take a moment to remember Edina and the children in her care this Christmas.

Christmas In Kenya

As we each are busy getting ready for our own Christmas celebrations I wanted to share Edina’s message from last year as a reminder of how Christmas is celebrated so many miles away.

The kids are very busy practising songs poems and a drama that they will be performing on Christmas Day… My plans are we will wake up as usual at 6:00 AM, have our morning devotions and have breakfast (tea and mandazi). The kids will enjoy their breakfast because I remember the last time we ate mandazi was last year during New Year’s. [Mandazi is a traditional donut-like pastry]

We will go to church for our Christmas service, the kids will perform at the church. While we are at church Maxwell my assistant will slaughter a goat and help prepare food. We will have lunch (Ugali [corn meal] and goat meat) then immediately have a walk to town. Then later in the evening we will go to the playground where the kids will play. We will then have our supper. Remember we don’t waste food, we will eat the remains from lunch.

It is a great privilege to be connected with Edina and the widows and orphans of rural Kenya that the Home of Grace programs support. Edina, the children in her care and many of the poor in their community rely totally on our donations to meet their daily needs. Please consider your good fortune and share it through a Christmas gift to Kenya, through Home of Grace Care Centre.

Thank you, and have a happy and peace-filled Christmas this year.