Where the money goes

Contributions to Home of Grace Care Centre are used for:

  • Food for the household
    This is our first priority.
  • Shelter – housing and utilities
    Not a glamorous expense, but it is essential for the children to have a roof over their heads.
  • Staff salaries
    Home of Grace staff include a manager, house mother, social worker, house father and cleaner/assistant cook. They also employ a security service.
  • Education costs
    Primary education is a basic human right under the Universal Declaration of Rights and a key element in the UN Millennium Development Goals. Secondary education develops the leadership in the community and improves employability. Funds are used specifically for

    • tuition and registration fees
    • examination fees
    • uniforms, including school shoes.
    • basic school supplies, such as a pencil and notebook
  • Clothing and footwear for the children
    Each child now has one change of clothes
  • Mattresses and blankets for the children
  • Medical care
    This includes preventative vaccinations, hospital care for seriously ill children, malaria medication and emergency surgery and treatment after serious accidents.
  • Self-sufficiency
    Agricultural projects for self-sufficiency include chickens, goats and vegetable gardening on their land.

We strive to keep our administrative and fund raising costs to a minimum. Home of Grace Care Centre Inc., the fundraising and advocacy group in Canada operates with no paid staff and many supplies and services are donated so that your contribution has the greatest impact.

No charity can operate without administrative and fundraising expenses. Administrative costs of Speroway are within acceptable limits for operation of an international development charity in Canada.

Give with Confidence

Home of Grace Centre is a program of Speroway, a registered charity in Canada. Your donations are elegible for a Canadian charitable tax receipt.

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