Ribfest Security Duties

If you are volunteering for Burlington’s Ribfest, one of the key duties is for Security/Hospitality.

Don’t worry we aren’t looking for bouncers!
We mostly need people who can be ambassadors and hosts for Ribfest. Much of the work is done in pairs, so you aren’t alone. Your duties could include some of the following:

  • Walking the grounds in pairs, smiling, saying hello and answering directional questions
  • Controlling entry/exit to the event (counting people, checking bags)
  • Walking the perimeter of the event, just being a presence
  • Connecting guests with the services they need, e.g. lost and found, St. John Ambulance, washrooms, recycling, etc.

If there is something serious that comes up, there are always co-ordinators and professional security/police you can call on with your nifty walkie-talkie.

Please note that Security/Hospitality volunteers must be 18 years of age. If you have your SmartServe certification, even better! (Ribfest may pay for you to take get certification if you don’t.)

It’s all a lot of fun! Sign up with a friend. Take multiple shifts! And you get to wear a stylish vest!

Check back here to sign up, once signup is ready.