Benter in the smokey cook house. The jiko is off to the left.

Benter in the current cook house. The back wall is black with smoke.

The forced relocation of the Home of Grace orphanage to new facilities, while difficult, is having more than a few positive outcomes. One surprising benefit is that the relocation gives us an opportunity to improve the environment.

Most of the cooking at Home of Grace is done on a wood-burning stove.

With the re-building of Home of Grace, the orphanage needs to buy a new stove for the kitchen. This is a great opportunity for them. They have decided to invest in a new, fuel-efficient stove. While it still burns wood, it can also burn corn cobs and other biomass. That means less wood being taken from forests and woodlots—a real benefit to the environment. But this will also be a big savings for the orphanage. Wood for fuel is a significant part of their current budget. The stove they are going to install could cut their fuel consumption almost by half, which means cost savings. That money can then be redirected to buying sufficient food to feed everyone (always a challenge) or pay medical bills. What a bonus!

There’s more.

The old stove is also very smokey. Imagine what it’s doing to the people who breathe that smoke every day! An added bonus of the fuel-efficient stove is that it burns much more. There will be much less dangerous smoke filling the kitchen. That means improving the health of those who do the cooking. You can imagine how Benter, who does most of the cooking, and the older children who help with kitchen chores, are very excited about this new stove.

Thanks to those who have contributed to “A Place to Grow”. This is one more example of how you are bringing positive change to the lives of people