We’ve been overwhelmed with the reponse of Edina’s Friends. Within 72 hours we were able to raise the needed funds. They have been sent to Edina, so she can access them before she gets on the bus for Nairobi (Imagine having to travel by bus when you’re in need of surgery on a damaged leg!) It has taken a great burden from us. As Edina has said in response to your generosity,

I didn’t realize that I have so many friends in Canada, they have really made my day.

We understand that this was an extraordinary and urgent need. We also know that life in Kenya is one extraordinary and urgent need after another, and we cannot respond as generously every time. However, this does point to the need for stable and predictable funding for Edina. If you can find it in your heart to offer a monthly gift, that will help. We can see that the next challenge will be school fees for the next semester in January.

Thanks again.