The Ultimate Binge Bag, by Marla and Mandy Mountain

Contents: 5 – 2L bottles of pop, 2 bags of Twizzlers (black and red), 2 boxes microwave popcorn, Mini Aero chocolate bars, Mini Coffee Crisp bars, Mini Kit Kat bars, Party Mix, Caramel popcorn, Chicago mix popcorn, Tostitos and cheese sauce, 2 bags Ms Vicki’s chips, 2 bags Lays chips, Hickory sticks, 3 bags Doritos, 2 cans of Pringles, Bag of Gummie Bears, Container of Peach Slices, Bag of Ju jubes

Minimum Bid – $90


  1. Mark


  2. Fiona


The children at Home of Grace thank you for your generous bid.

Please note: Silent Auction purchases are not eligible tor tax receipts